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лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег

Лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег

Helena Archer AF Come on, you have a guide to narrate.

Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) joins temporarily. Make sure to ascend her as she must be fielded during certain Main Quests. In addition, Masters must field her 20 times to complete all Missions. Step 2-4 Pass the mimosa, will you.

Helena Archer AF Since игра автомат денег do you drink.

Scathach Assassin AF Oh… right… Helena Archer AF We have three main quests to clear. Easy enough, just make sure to field Hokusai when you can. Guest Support is also mandatory.

Single Berserker mob (57k HP). Bonus CEs: x1 4 Opening-3(5 AP) Party Restriction: Лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) must SOLO this quest. Single Berserker Servant (152k HP). Two BXX chains should be about enough to defeat the enemy. In addition, Masters ought to collect 100 while doing so for the next Main Quest Requirement.

Optimization Note: Completing Main Quest 3 rewards Masters with a. Instead of лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег in preparation for Main Quest 4 already, Masters who have not rolled the gacha heavily may want to clear Main Quest 3 before gathering the required 100.

This involves holding off on farming HIMEJI, instead farming other nodes to reach 3M QP to complete Main Quest 3, before coming back to HIMEJI with the какой игра есть деньги заработанные 3 star Event CE from Main Quest 3. Drop information for the other nodes can be found in the farming table.

Helena Archer AF Each free quest costs QP, and you earn QP from completion. Scathach Лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег AF Those are the big gates, so always prioritize them.

Euryale AF We want to clear beginner levels first, then go on to Regulars to farm. Scathach Assassin AF Prioritize QP bonus CEs. Currency Drops: Bonus CEs: x6 (Bonus) 6 HIMEJI - Regular(40 AP) Run this until 100. Currency Drops: Bonus CEs: x4 x2 x1 (Bonus) Step 7-8 On to Camelot.

Move on to Camelot to farm up some QP to unlock Main Quest 3. Currency Drops: Bonus CEs: x5 x2 (Bonus) 8 Camelot - Regular(40 AP) Run until Mission 2 completed.

Helena Archer AF Онлайн игры на реальные деньги играть онлайн main quests. Buy лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег Tanuki Challenge Letter to advance to main quest 4.

The Saber starts stunned (2 turns). No Event Currency Drops. Equip for nodes that drop. Event Currency Purchase Acquire Challenge Letter (Tanuki) лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег 100 to unlock Main Quest 4. Note: Masters who waited for the copy or who lack the required Lucky Dice, please farm Himeji - Regular Level. Step 11-12 In the next main quests, we can only have 4 members in the party. Scathach Assassin AF And use me to kill Fergus.

Two waves, first with a Saber (24k HP) and Lancer (27k HP); the second with two Sabers (24-26k HP). Single Archer Servant (101k HP).]



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Лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег



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Лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег



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Лучшие игры 4х4 на андроид много денег



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