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Кто играет в казино онлайн

On 26 June, the Liechtenstein Government announced the further easing of coronavirus-related restrictions. Beginning 3 July events of people up to 1000 will be allowed. Organizers of events must develop and put in place protective procedures allowing for proper social distancing.

As before, all publicly accessible establishments and кто играет в казино онлайн, as well as events, must continue to take protective measures. Central is hand hygiene and social distancing.

Starting 26 June, the seated-only requirements for bars and restaurants will be lifted. In addition, the на каких играх андроид можно заработать реальные деньги кто играет в казино онлайн social distance standard will go from 2 meters хватай деньги игра to 1.

This minimum distance can be shortened if a mask is worn or if a separating partition is available. For events with fixed seating, such as concert venues or кто играет в казино онлайн theaters, patrons must be separated by one seat.

As masks игра клевер играть онлайн на деньги significantly reduce infection rates, the Government (as of 6 July 2020) requires the wearing of masks while using public transportation.

On 20 May, the Liechtenstein Government announced that starting 6 June all public and private events may include up to 300 people. Private events, кто играет в казино онлайн as family gatherings, will not require the development of protective procedures.

In addition, all entertainment and leisure venues may reopen, to which the same distancing rules apply. As of 6 June, camping sites, as well as tourist attractions may also be opened. Кто играет в казино онлайн entertainment and leisure venues, such as theaters, concert halls, theater, and casinos may open, as well as public swimming pools and wellness spas.

For all establishments, protective measures must be taken. For restaurants and bars, as of 6 June the limit of four people at a table will be lifted.]



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